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Monday, July 16, 2018
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Moisture and other fluids are invisible damaging forces inside your garage, slowly staining and deteriorating your floors and other investments. Rather than letting this happen, halt it with a QuickCoverâ„¢, a garage floor covering. Rolling out to cover an entire surface, these garage floor covers stop moisture and stains and protect against snow buildup, oil, dirt, debris, and harmful vapors. Each PVC floor cover can fit inside a brick-and-mortar or portable garage.
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Using a portable garage implies a vehicle is being kept inside. With that vehicle, however, comes oils, fuels, and other fluids, most of which can damage the floor of a brick-and-mortar or portable garage. The effects are seldom sudden, and only after months to years of storage do you notice the stains and other damage.

Garage floor covering QuickCoverâ„¢ is a solution to this common conundrum. Made out of durable PVC, each roll out garage floor covering blocks moisture and stains and acts as an effective barrier against snow and precipitation accumulation, oil, fluids, dirt, debris, and vapors. Not just for a portable garage or carport, add one to any area where a vehicle is stored long-term.