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Monday, July 16, 2018
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A carport or canopy is seldom sufficient on its own. To hold up to the elements, the shelter needs appropriate anchoring, and depending upon your needs, it may need repairs, doors, side walls, or vents. Find all of these accessories and anchors for securing or modifying your shelter at Carport Depot. Choose from auger and hook anchors for firmly setting your shelter into the ground, and get various accessories, from vents to joiner kits, for your canopy or carport.
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Make sure your carport or canopy is ready for the outdoors with the appropriate anchors or accessories. If not anchored into the ground, a carport or canopy has a greater chance of blowing over from wind and may not hold up as well against the elements. The shelter, as well, may need further modifications, including sidewalls for full enclosure, vents or doors, or patches over torn areas.

A carport must always be anchored in order to stay strong against the elements, so secure yours with one of the options in our store. Ideal for dirt, grass, sand, gravel, or loose soil, auger anchor kits consist of 30-inch ground anchors and a U-bolt that attaches to the frame. Better for rocky soil or asphalt, hook anchors consist of a driving rod, cable, and clamp, which attaches to the frame.

In order to make sure your canopy or carport performs its best, modifications may be needed in addition to anchoring. Find such items for modifying your carport or canopy in our store. Let your shelter provide full coverage with one of our enclose kits, or give it vents or easy-to-reach doors. Additionally, find stakes for holding a pop-up canopy in place, joiner kits for putting together a larger carport, or patch kits for repairing the polyethylene cover.